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For those who wish to have a distinctive and custom look to your YouTube channel and stand out.

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What does the site offer?
• Custom back ground's
• Custom colours for background's , text, link's and more
• Editable and personalisable profile content
• It is a place to be you with your own flavour.

You are able to customise your channel in a similar way to the YouTube of old.

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YouTube For Business
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This channel is here to help you use YouTube to reach a new audience, grow your business and build your brand. YouTube is where the world goes to watch video, and that means your customers do too. For businesses of all shapes and sizes, YouTube offers a simple way for people to discover you online when it matters, especially if they're using mobile devices.

People go to YouTube for entertainment, education, music and much more. They even go there to research products and services before they buy. This means you can reach people searching for videos very similar to what your business offers, right when they're searching. YouTube video ads can help you do just that.

A good place to start is claiming your free YouTube Channel and customizing it to suit your business. Then when you're ready to find new customers, learn a little more about video ads at

YouTube's open for business! :)

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